Thursday, August 17, 2006

Youpark- A Mobile Content Enabler

with the courtesy of Mobileweaver's Founder
Hey so finally we are close to really Launch upark platform - a mobile content value adder!“What we really wanted was to develop a simple mobile market ecosystem with best selling software for users of mobiles, pocket pc and smartphones”. Not only a platform, a complete mobile content market enabler that takes care of the mobile marketplace for you.Youpark is a leader in providing personalized transformation of mobiles, handhelds and smart phones into real value added devices. It enables Operators, Mvno’s, Retailers, Portals, Brands, OEM & OS’s and Developers to provide personalized value added mobile solutions for their customers. As a complete mobile content management and provisioning platform, it allows software partner management, content segmentation, complete billing and content delivery in any thinkable media i.e. Web, WAP, Thin clients, Booklets etc.At Licensee plugger of upark platform we just created a Qtek UK mobile storefront (access it from wap and if you really want to download the mobile store front on your Qtek Windows Mobiles then send a shout out to or be humble and contact support@youpark.comThe craziest part was that thise whitelabel on web and wap was created just in 10 minutes with complete billing. Skinning was done in 4 hours :) this is getting kool.

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