Monday, January 11, 2010

India Terror: Indian RAW targets Nato forces

There is no doubt that while fighting against the occupying forces, the Taliban have been conducting assaults and suicide attacks on the Nato forces and claim responsibility. Last year, Western commanders and high officials have admitted that level of insurgency has increased in Afghanistan. In fact, Indian intelligence agency, RAW has been availing this golden opportunity of perennial militancy — to target the Nato troops and military installations in Afghanistan. Such acts of sabotage are also being conducted inside Pakistan, which also include attacks on the Nato’s supply-trucks and containers passing through Pakistan. A question arises in the mind of people as to how RAW can conduct subversive activities against the US-led Nato interest both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The reply is quite clear, which can better be understood by students of international relations. All the developments in Afghanistan cannot be seen in isolation because they have a co-relationship with Indian other regional designs. India is determined to become a greater power of Asia, and wants to go even to the extent of war with nuclear power like Pakistan and China. In this context, Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor vocally said on December 29, 2009 that Indian Army “is now revising its five-year-old doctrine” and is preparing.

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