Wednesday, January 20, 2010

India underestimates Pakistan’s defence capability

Gen Kapoor realises Pakistan forces superiority by retracting his rhetoric; Proposes celebrating Pakistan Armed Forces Day Former Prime Minister of AJK and President of ruling All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan said here on Monday that the recent statement by Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor was ridiculous as the Indian General under-estimated the defence capability of Pakistan. In an exclusive interview, he said Pakistan armed forces had proved their mettle in 1965 war. As for 1971 war, he said it could not be termed as a war in real sense. It was a conspiracy against Pakistan. Sardar Attique said, General Kapoor’s statement is in fact a message to the US and European countries that it is India which has picked up the courage to challenge any country in the region including China. It is an indication of India’s inner wishful designs to conquer neighbour-ing countries. He said, India is faced with grave internal crisis and Ka-poor’s statement is to divert the attention of Indian people through such tall talks. “Another aspect of the statement is that India wants to take advantage of Pakistan’s domestic situation at a time when it is faced with political instability and engaged in the war against terror. But it should dawn upon India that the people of Pakistan are fully committed as ever to defend the country.” The former AJK Prime Minister said through issuing threatening statement by General Kapoor, India was testing the political muscles of our leadership. The people of Pakistan have demonstrated their will and skill in such like situation. The people of Pakistan have proved this in the past and are ready to defend their motherland. They have and will always stand like a rock behind their armed forces, which are fully capable of repelling any aggression. “Let there be no doubt in anybody’s mind” he warned. He regretted that Pakistan’s political leadership has not come up to the level, as they remained silent over General Kapoor’s warmongering. “That was why the country’s military leadership had to take the notice of the Indian threat.” In this context, he mentioned the response to Kapoor’s threatening posture by Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Tariq Majid and Chief of Army Staff General Kayani who were the first to warn India against any misadventure. They also warned India not to underestimate the capability of Pakistan armed forces and that India would get a befitting and hard hitting swift response to its misadventure. Sardar Attique said, General Kapoor’s claim to take on Pakistan and China simultaneously is ridiculous as he has deliberately overlooked the size and military might of China. “India would be well advised to refrain from such warmongering and issuing jingoistic statements which only serve to vitiate the atmosphere in the region.” He regretted that it was unfortunate that during the Zardari regime efforts were being made to create a distance between the people and the army. “By their attitude and their actions, they are sending silent message through their speeches at party meetings and by asserting that there is and there will be no threat to Pakistan from India,” he added. Sardar Attique asked if there is going to be no threat to Pakistan, then what is the need of maintaining a huge army with nuclear arsenal. He said Pakistan army which is engaged in fighting terrorism and defending the country’s borders is not even getting the moral support from the political leadership. The President is on the other hand engaged in party politics instead of maintaining the sanctity of the President’s office which used to be the symbol of the federation and unity of the country. Sardar Attique said at this critical juncture he would appeal to the collective leadership to demonstrate solidarity of the people with the Pakistan army. He said “going ahead a step further, I would suggest that Pakistan Army Day should be annually celebrated throughout the country. This would demonstrate complete solidarity of the people with the Army and at the same time send a strong message to the Indian leadership and other extremist elements in that country that in case of any misadventure by India, the whole nation from Khyber to Karachi will stand with the army like a rock and defend every inch of Pakistan against any aggression. He said Pakistan is passing through most critical juncture in its history. But unmindful of the threat posed to the country, President Zardari addresses the party leaders from his official drawing room. As opposed to it, the Chief of Army Staff General Kayani has been frequently visiting the battle field in South Waziristan and other terror affected areas holding “Darbar” in the open to boost the morale of the soldiers. He said this is food for thought for the common man to think about the present leadership and its approach and commitment to address defence issues. Sardar Attique Ahmed said Indian General Kapoor has realised the hollowness of his threat to Pakistan by stating that Pakistan armed forces have overwhelming night vision fighting capability and in better fighting position than India. He said he was glad that China has ignored Kapoor’s warmongering statement with the contempt it deserved. Tanvir Siddiqi

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